Terms and Conditions for BOC Singapore Airlines Visa Platinum Card Mileage Program:
Upon application for BOC Singapore Airlines Visa Platinum Card ("BOC-SIA Card"), holder of BOC-SIA Card (the "Cardholder") who is an existing Singapore Airlines ("SIA") KrisFlyer member must provide valid individual KrisFlyer membership number under his/her name.
If the Cardholder is not a KrisFlyer member or has not provided a valid KrisFlyer membership number upon application for BOC-SIA Card, he/she will be automatically enrolled as a KrisFlyer member upon card approval. Each Cardholder will be individually notified by post of his/her KrisFlyer membership number.
Cardholder can earn one Reward Gift Point ("Gift Point") for every HK$1 spent on retail purchase, cash advance*, "Cash Before Card Service", autopay, posted amount of installment program and Octopus Automatic Add Value Service (excluding annual fee, cash advance handling fee as well as balance transfer and 'Cash Installment Plan'). The Gift Point offer is applicable to online bill payments effected by BOC-SIA Card but excludes payments to the Inland Revenue Department or a merchant in the category of a "Banking or Credit Card Services", "Securities Broker" or "Credit Services" and under the bill type of "Policy Loan Repayment". For bill payment made to merchants under the category of "Insurance" and "Education", each eligible Credit Card's main card account and its additional card account is entitled to an aggregate maximum of 10,000 Gift Points# per statement cycle. Gift Points earned by the additional cardholder will be combined with the main card account for redemption of KrisFlyer Miles. However, a main card account holder of a BOC-SIA Card cannot combine the Gift Points earned by other BOC main credit card account(s) of the same cardholder.
Cardholder can earn double Gift Points for any transaction made with a BOC-SIA Card at www.singaporeair.com. The additional Gift Points will be posted to the monthly statement of the following month and will be automatically redeemed for KrisFlyer miles together with other Gift Points.
Gift Points earned via a BOC-SIA Card will be automatically redeemed for KrisFlyer miles on a monthly basis at statement date. Redeemed KrisFlyer miles together with KrisFlyer miles earned in BOC-SIA Card promotion programme will be posted to registered KrisFlyer individual membership account of the Cardholder on a monthly basis. It is not applicable to company, association and organization member account.
Every 10 Gift Points can redeem 1 KrisFlyer mile (i.e. 10 Gift Points = 1 KrisFlyer mile) and the balance of Gift Points fewer than 10 will be forfeited. Redeemed KrisFlyer miles will be shown on the credit card statement and also posted to the valid registered KrisFlyer membership account of the respective cardholder within 2 weeks of receipt of credit card statement.
Gift Points earned via a BOC-SIA Card cannot be used for redemption or purchase of any other gift items, cash coupons and miles of any other frequent flyer programme.
If a cardholder breaches any provision of the Card User Agreement, cancels the card or defaults in card payment, redemption of KrisFlyer miles will be forthwith suspended and the Gift Points awarded may be cancelled.
Gift Points of a cancelled card account will be voided and cleared from the account automatically and will not be available for KrisFlyer miles redemption or any other redemption / purchase.
Fraud or abuse in relation to the accumulation, the pooling or the redemption of Gift Point rewards programme may result in the forfeiture of accumulated Gift Points as well as the cancellation of the BOC-SIA Card account.
If the registered KrisFlyer membership account becomes invalid and unable to process any redemption of KrisFlyer miles due to whatever reason, the Cardholder will be required to submit a fresh and valid KrisFlyer membership number for resumption of the redemption process. BOC Credit Card (International) Ltd (the "Company") accepts no liability for any delay in the course of redemption and any such other matters given rise by an invalid KrisFlyer membership account.
For issues relating to redemption of KrisFlyer miles by Gift Points, please call BOC 24-hour Platinum Card Customer Services Hotline 2581 5188 or access website: www.boci.com.hk.
The KrisFlyer programme is managed and serviced by SIA. The use of KrisFlyer membership and KrisFlyer miles are subject to the terms and conditions of the KrisFlyer programme. For details, please visit www.krisflyer.com. The Company assumes no responsibility for issues relating to the KrisFlyer programme.
SIA may change its programme terms and conditions including regulations, policies, benefits, conditions of enrollment or mileage levels, in whole or in part at any time with or without notice even though changes may affect the value of the mileage already accumulated.
All queries or disputes regarding the eligibility for joining this program, Gift Points or redemption of KrisFlyer miles under this programme will be decided by the Company at its sole discretion.
The Company reserves the right to change the redemption rate for KrisFlyer miles, amend / update the terms and conditions herein and terminate this programme at any time without notice and liability.
In case of any discrepancies between the Chinese and the English versions of these terms and conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail.


* Remark: From 5 January 2016 onwards, the Gift Point program is not applicable to cash advance.

# From 5 January 2016 onwards, for online bill payments, "JET Payment" and Octopus Automatic Add Value Service, each eligible Credit Card's main card account and its additional card account is entitled to an aggregate maximum of 10,000 Gift Points per statement cycle.