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MasterCard SecureCode "One Time Password" Online Security Service

A secure and easy-to-use online payment service, the BOC Credit Card MasterCard SecureCode"One Time Password"Online Security Service, is presented by BOC Credit Card to holders ('cardholders') of BOC MasterCard Credit Card. An SMS-based "one time password" will be sent to the cardholder's mobile phone recorded if codified confirmation from the cardholder is deemed necessary. A cardholder can activate this new service whenever shopping online at merchants that accept "MasterCard SecureCode", provided a valid mobile phone number is already duly registered. The one time password is for identity verification as well as better protection of online dealings.

Advantages of "MasterCard SecureCode" service:

  1. Added protection for online purchase
  2. Free of charge
  3. Easy to use, hassle free and without the need to download any software
  4. One time easy registration

A word about One Time Password (OTP):

The One Time Password is time sensitive and can only be used once within a short space of time. It becomes invalid upon used or when time expired. Each single online transaction will require one unique One Time Password to complete its processing cycle.
If you have not yet provided us or have no valid mobile number on record with us, you will not be able to receive any OTP by SMS. To take advantage of this new service and in order to receive OTP for online transaction authentication you will have to register a valid mobile phone number soonest.

Advantages of Using One Time Password:

  1. No memorization of password.
  2. More protection as the password can only be used once and cannot be predicted.

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