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BOC SOGO Visa Card
For the "BOC Credit Card Key Facts Statement", please click here.
Card co-issuing organizations
SOGO Hong Kong Co., Limited
BOC Credit Card (International) Limited

BOC Credit Card (International) Limited and SOGO Hong Kong Co., Ltd proudly present you the BOC SOGO Visa Signature Card and the BOC SOGO Visa Platinum Card. Enjoy the exclusive offers at SOGO Hong Kong and savor the best in life.

BOC SOGO Visa Card Welcome Offers
Main Card
HK$200 SOGO Gift Certificate; or
HK$200 Free Spending Credit; or
HK$500 Free Spending Credit; or
Interest-free Cash Installment" Loan up to HK$80,000
Additional Card

small arrow25,000 Gift Points*

*For each additional card successfully applied, the main cardholder will be rewarded with 25,000 Gift Points (Each main cardholder can apply for a maximum of 9 additional cards, i.e. the maximum entitlement of each main cardholder is 225,000 Gift Points)


Terms and Conditions of Welcome Offer for BOC SOGO Visa Card
BOC SOGO Visa Card Annual Fee Offer
Perpetual annual fee waiver for the main and the additional cardholders of BOC Sogo Visa Signature Card.
First 2 years annual fee waiver for main cards and perpetual annual fee waiver for the additional cards of BOC Sogo Visa Platinum Card.
BOC SOGO Visa Card Exclusive Offers and Services
Exclusive offers for BOC SOGO Visa Signature Card

Earn extra 120,000 Gift Points1
Being our privileged cardholder, you can earn extra 120,000 Gift Points1 upon accumulating retail spending of HK$120,000 with your BOC SOGO Visa Signature Card from 1 January 2019 until 31 December 2019, enabling you to redeem a wide variety of coupons and mileage points.

1Terms & Conditions of¡§120,000 Reward Gift Points for BOC SOGO Visa Signature Card¡¨

Other Superior Privileges
Cardholders of BOC SOGO Visa Signature card can enjoy worldwide concierge service and exclusive privileges including dining, shopping, entertainment and travel, etc. For details, please visit www.visa.com.hk.


Shopping Privileges of Year Round 5% Cash Rebate2

With BOC SOGO Visa Card, you can enjoy year round 5% cash rebate for shopping at SOGO Hong Kong Co., Ltd ("SOGO Hong Kong")'s over 300 designated merchants. Savor shopping fun with more savings!

2Applicable to purchase of selected merchandise and/or at designated merchant(s) and is not applicable to the plastic shopping bag charge. To be eligible for the offers, customer must settle full payment by a physical BOC SOGO Visa Card.

  SOGO Merchant List
Instant 5% Cash Discount at SOGO FRESHMART every Monday3

You can enjoy 5% Instant Cash Discount at SOGO FRESHMART every Monday by BOC SOGO Visa Card for greater savings!

3To be eligible for the offer, customer must settle full payment by a BOC SOGO Visa Card using either a physical card or by means of mobile payment (including Apple Pay/Google Pay/Samsung Pay, with a BOC SOGO Visa Card added in the relevant mobile app and shown to cashier before payment) at the point of transaction. This offer does not apply to the plastic shopping bag charge and the promotion period of the "SOGO Thankful Week".

Apple Pay is trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Google Pay is trademark of Google Inc. Samsung Pay is a trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

10% discount at WA-SAN-MAI Japanese Restaurant4
  With BOC SOGO Visa Card, you can enjoy 10% discount at WA-SAN-MAI Japanese Restaurant (22/F, East Point Centre, Causeway Bay).
  4The offer is not applicable to 5% cash rebate and 10% service charge.
red square SOGO Hong Kong x SOGO Japan & Seibu Japan Special Promotion5

Simply make spending at below designated SOGO Japan or Seibu Japan to enjoy below shopping privileges.

Shopping Discount
  5% Discount upon single net purchase of designated merchandise at JPY1,000 (excluding tax) or above.
  Shopping Reward
  HK$800 SOGO Hong Kong Gift Certificates upon every accumulated purchase of designated merchandise at JPY100,000 (excluding tax)¡°.
  ¡°accumulated purchases at 8 stores are accepted
  Please visit the following 8 SOGO Japan & Seibu Japan Stores to enjoy above shopping privileges.

  Seibu Japan: Ikebukuro Store, Shibuya Store
  SOGO Japan: Yokohama Store, Kobe Store, Hiroshima Store, Chiba Store, Omiya Store, Kawaguchi Store
5Offer could only be redeemed at the Tax Refund Counter of Japan relevant stores before shopping (Shopping Discount) / after shopping (Shopping Reward).Above offers are not applicable to selected items. Please present BOC SOGO Visa Card and passport to enjoy the offers. "BOC SOGO Visa Card 5% cash rebate" is not applicable to Shopping Discount and Shopping Reward offer at above designated SOGO Japan or Seibu Japan. For details, please refer to the advertising materials and refer to the staff in Japan. BOC Credit Card (International) Limited ("The Company"), SOGO Hong Kong Co. Ltd (SOGO Hong Kong) and the participating merchant(s) reserve the right to alter the terms and conditions herein without prior notice. The Company does not warrant the quality of the products or services provided by the participating merchant(s). The participating merchant(s) also does not represent the Company. The participating merchant(s) shall be solely responsible for all effects and consequences of the products and services. In case of any dispute, the decision of the Company, SOGO Hong Kong and the participating merchant(s) shall be final.
Birthday Treat6
  You can enjoy a free sumptuous birthday meal at selected restaurant at SOGO Hong Kong Causeway Bay Store during your birthday month!
  6 Terms & Conditions apply. For details, please refer to the birthday card.
SOGO Hong Kong Events
  You will be invited to join special events organized by SOGO Hong Kong, including pre-sales, new arrivals sales promotion and other regular events.
Interest-free Installment Privileges
  With your BOC SOGO Visa Card, you can enjoy interest-free instalment with the purchase amount of HK$2,000 or above at designated bedding department , home appliance department and SOGO CLUB designated beauty counters of SOGO Hong Kong Causeway Bay Store. For details, please contact the staff of SOGO Hong Kong.
Other Privileges and Offers
Gift Point Program and BOC Credit Card Superior Travel Award

You can earn Gift Points7upon spending with your card (in the ratio of HK$1 spending = 1 Gift Point), including retail spending, cash before card service, autopay or Octopus AAVS. Gift points can be accumulated and combined with those points generated by other BOC credit cards. With the accumulated gift points, you can redeem cash rebate, cash coupons or mileage points of Asia Miles, Air China, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines through the BOC Credit Card Superior Travel Awards.

7 The Gift Point Program is not applicable to those transactions in the merchant or service categories of "Cash Advance", "Balance Transfers", "Bank or Credit Card Service", "Credit Services", "Securities Brokers", "Inland Revenue Department", and under the bill type of ¡§Policy Loan Repayment¡¨. BOC Credit Card (International) Ltd (the "Company" ) reserves the right to change the above categories of transactions and merchants at any time without notice.

For the details of the Gift Point entitlement relating to Online Bill Payment Service, please click here.

Instant Rewards
  Simply spend with your BOC Credit Card at designated merchants to enjoy, by redeeming one specific HK$100 Gift Vouchers/ Cash Coupon at a special conversion rate of 25,000 Gift Points or HK$1 instant cash discount with every 250 Gift Points. Moreover, Instant Rewards can also be used at over 3,000 designated merchant outlets, for a full list of these merchants, please check here.
Octopus Automatic Add-Value Service
  Offers you Octopus Automatic Add-Value Service.
Other Privileges for BOC Credit Card Cardholders
  Please click here for more details
Contactless Payment Function
  "BOC SOGO Visa Card" is a credit card with built-in contactless payment function. It allows you to conduct convenient transactions at any merchants fitted with a Visa payWave contactless payment reader worldwide. Simply tap the card against the reader to settle transaction of HK$1,000 or below without the need of signature verification. For details, please visit www.visa.com.hk.


For details, please call our 24-hour Promotion Hotline at 2108 3288.

Terms and Conditions are applicable to the above offers and services, and are subject to change without prior notice.


Reminder: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

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